Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday 7

Sat, Bec is 26.
Poached Eggs w Bacon. Add Rocket & Parmesan.
Eggs are a staple in this house, we should own chickens.
Toast a good slice of rustic pane, lay down the rocket.
Next some cooked, crunchy lean bacon (could do lean Ham or Proscuitto also). Pop on your poached googs.
Loads of cracked pepper and a sprinkling of Parmesan.
For the sauce I mixed some Dijon with lemon juice and Mayo, drizzle away!
Proper porridge

My Dad always made the best porridge, one of the only dishes he mastered along with "French Toast",  a "Potato, Egg and Onion (concoction)" and "Fried Rice".
Porridge should never go NEAR the microwave.
Chuck some oats water and milk into a saucepan.
More Milk than water will make it nicer, keep adding Milk as the oats soak up the liquid. Always add honey (during or after....sometimes both). 
I added Sultana's and Strawberries to this one.
And I always add cold milk on top of the warm porridge.

Promenade Stairs Glenelg
Stair wall, Glenelg

On the Sunday walk.
New footwear, new art...Glenelg

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